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American Apparel

Fall 10 Essentials, September 2016


This campaign was created to acquaint new customers with the brand using search optimization - showcasing a curated list of seasonal best sellers (scarves, knitwear, etc.) and key fall investments.

Digital Content:





American Apparel

Omnichannel Campaign,

Content & Merchandising, Denim,

August 2016


Denim. For years, it had been one of the company's strongest product categories. High-waist jeans, cuff shorts, jackets, the list goes on. It was also the focus of the Fall '16 omnichannel campaign.


To support the campaign, the website was transformed into a denim destination using 3 content streams: a new shop template (product focused imagery), a new lookbook page (lifestyle imagery & video) and gender specific homepages (product imagery, lifestyle imagery & video).


All content linked back to the shop page, driving 4%+ conversion and 350K+ in revenue.

American Apparel

Homepage Revamp, Athleisure,

September 2016


In 2015, the team was instructed to update the American Apparel homepage and global navigation. In order to prove value, 2 variants were tested using our A/B testing platform, Maxymiser. The goal was to create a fresh user experience, revamping the face of the digital brand. The test resulted in a10% conversion increase.


Once the new layout was implemented, the format continued to evolve with the goal of increase engagement.

For omnichannel Athleisure campaign, a gridded display was used to make multiple products and categories visible above the fold. Creative cropping and hover effect added a level of interest.


Analysing click behavior allowed for optimization of creative for all digital channels (email, display, etc.) as the campaign progressed.










American Apparel

Shop Template

From PM to AM Shop, November 2016


After the success of the Denim campaign, the shop template continued to be used to showcase seasonal product focuses. The new experience allowed for products to be merchandised along side editorial imagery and continued to drive up to 6% conversion and 400K revenue.

American Apparel

Merchansing Strategy,

The Bodysuit, May 2016




In order to create a consistent shopping experience and elevate the product, I partnered with creative to overhaul e-Comm imagery. The update included the creation of a company first, imagery guideline, establishing a new lighting scheme, crop and pose standards and an image selection and retouching process.


In addition to creating cohesion with imagery, products were merchandised by sillouette, consistent naming and updated product descriptions were implemented and model sizing and fabric descriptions introduced.


The updated imagery and merchandising scheme debuted with the launch of 'The Bodysuit' campaign. It allowed for clear communication of product lines and increased conversion.






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